About Us

The Eco-Artist


  • Today's world is turning into an Eco-Friendly environment and Eco-Art is playing a fundamental role in the way people are recycling.
  • Grant Maniér (maun-yay), a young talented Eco-Artist, living with autism, has incorporated conservationism into his work.  
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the foundation for Grant's art.  Grant creates stunning art collages using thousands of pieces of torn/cut shaped and textured paper from recycled calendars, magazines, posters, puzzles and more. 
  • He is leading the way for Eco-art awareness by bringing his visual art exhibit and demonstration into schools and organizations, receiving awards and recognition for his outstanding educational outreach program to children and adults. 
  • His art has raised thousands of dollars supporting many great causes (therapy, camps, social groups, and more).

Artist and Author


                 Grant Maniér and Julie Coy                   

  • Over the years, Julie has watched Grant inspire and shift perceptions of how people stereotype special needs individuals. Grant's journey inspired Julie to write a children's book about Grant, but with a twist...he's giraffe! Based on Grant's Eco-original Jigsaw Giraffe artwork you will be amazed how a story of a giraffe and Grant Maniér are one in the same.

Eco-Art program


  • Grant and Julie teach children and adults a unique way to create sustainable art which contributes to keeping our earth green and clean.  Our hands-on activity program sparks the imagination towards Eco-Art, by combining a hands-on art activity and a story of a giraffe, born different, but follows his passion to become an artist, despite his differences.
  • To learn more about our Hands-on Activity Program, visit the Services page on:  www.JigsawGrant.com